How to find your calling?

How should you act in times of darkness and when being lost without goals? Some time ago I heard a story which clearly illustrates this topic.

Imagine Indiana Jones falling into cave where its dark and cold. The last thing that he would do is run. He would stay calm and find his way by using his hands to feel the walls of the cave.

That illustrates how we should act when looking for our calling or challenges that we are facing. There are certainly times of struggle but we need to still patiently move forward.

It does not mean giving up because the future needs you moving forward. At the times of struggle we need ideas, a lot of brainstorming – maybe a flashlight at the back of our pocket, matches, lighter to get some guidance about our future? We need new ideas! Our fears are there to be overcome and we need to move forward even though the future might seem uncertain.

Do not be afraid to fail!

            The fear of what others think about you and the fear of failure is a matter of EGO and it does not help you in finding your calling and goals.
Write down all your issues and their possible solutions. Create a notebook, either digital or on paper, write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Give ideas time to sink in… but not too long! All ideas should be carefully considered. Not all ideas turns out to be good but approach them all with an open mind.
Your better tomorrow begins with the decisions that you make TODAY!

You can either waste today, spend today or invest today. ASK: What can I do today that will move me to where I want to be tomorrow? (Rick Warren)