“No” is good, “maybe” is bad, “yes” is awesome

Image“No” is good, “maybe” is bad, “yes” is awesome
All of us have had experiences with bad quality and unpleasant sales people. All who claim to be sales people are obviously not in right position and bring shame for others who try to be great.
There are several types of selling techniques, some are very aggressive and some lightened up and soft. I heard once a trainer telling to his class that if you want to sell effectively you should make people feel pain. Best way to sell is not to walk on the edges.
It is daily as we get sales people call us and offer faster internet or advertising possibilities in local newspaper and mostly it is not very fruitful. Time is wasted from both sides, the one who called and on who responded.
Successful sales starts from the point when we let customers know that it is very much ok to say NO.  Customer should know in early sales cycle that it is ok to say no and it does not offend you. Only answers you want is yes or no, maybe is your business killer.
Depends of what kind of buying behavior your client have whether fighter like Rambo or detail oriented Sherlock, all of them have their own motivation to buy or not. If you ignore and wont tell them  if it is ok to say no you will create tension and wont get what results.
Sales is first and foremost persons enthusiasm, loving what you do or offer. You need to believe in you.
When you meet customers or make blind calls I would like you to think about this one thing:
Let your customer know that it is ok to say NO. They will open them selves much faster and you will sell more then you thought it is possible.

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