Self Management


To lead yourself is much harder than to lead others. There are mainly two reasons for that – you say things and give orders what you would not do your own and if you leave something undone you will probably rationalize and come up punch of reason why you could not accomplish.

Effective life begins with the awareness of your own leadership.

People form the habits and then habits form the person – habits directly result from your schedule.

Schedule is most important thing about your career. Proper planning will give you great results at work and home.

How to live life in such a way that it corresponds to a greater or lesser extent towards to your expectations? Steven Covey in his book, “7 Habits for Highly Effective people” provides an excellent overview of the principles of our expectations and assumptions. I will give you three of them:

1. Be proactive – this is the principle about INITIATIVE, not only generating ideas and starting new projects, but knowing that I am responsible for choices that i make.

2. Start with the end in mind – guiding companies or family, all have an internal picture of what we would like to be part of either in family or in the business. We are more or less programmed so if the son whose father was not that  good example will usually promises to be better  for his children. So he has a picture in his mind what kind of father he wants to be.
It is very difficult to create effective business and life without an end in mind. What we want to achieve, what results we expect and when?

3. Put First Things First – What are “first things?” First things are those things you, personally, find of most worth. If you put first things first, you are organizing and managing time and events according to the personal priorities you established in Habit 2. So if family is important to you so you need to spend time with them, if your faith matters most then you need to dedicate yourself to your God.

Self-management creates results.

Start now! Evidence shows that longer you wait then less likely you will change or full fill your purpose.

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